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Digital Transformation

What does Digital Transformation mean?

What are incentives to make a step into the future?

Business Process Management

Do you know how you can improve your existing Business Processes?

Have you ever thought about improving existing structures?

IT Strategy

Are you running your Business since years and want to achieve something new and innovative?

Do you know about your strenghts and weaknesses in your adapted IT?


Guido Forster, born 1983, Swiss, Languages German & English

Work Experience in Business & IT: 23 years

MSc Degree «Master of Science in  Information Systems» with a focus on Business Process Management (University of Liechtenstein, 2018)

Master’s thesis «Impact of Digital Transformation on Business Models»

Research Fellowship at the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, University of Liechtenstein (2016/2017)

BSc Degree «Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Specialisation in Enterprise Computing UAS Zurich» (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, 2011)

Apprenticeship in Information Technology (2004)

Business Process Architecture
Business Architecture
Customer journey design
Strategic thinking
Bridging Business & IT


Guido Forster
Guido Forster
Passionate, Curious and a Thought Leader in Digital Transformation